January: week 1.

This year, one of my goals is to blog "in real time". So here goes... a bit about this first week in January!
I went back to work on Tuesday (there were a few tears, I won't lie!) and it's always so amazing that once you're back in the swing of things... it's like vacation never happened. I was relieved when I got to pick up Javi from school, that's my favorite and makes my working-mom-guilt a little less intense for that day. On Wednesday I decided to try my hand at bullet journaling and bought my first Leuchtterm 1917 from amazon. I received it Friday and fully plan to use it and post about the pros and cons. We visited my parent's new house (they closed on Friday) and Javi has been trying to see how long it takes him to get his head stuck between the rails on the stairs. I also got some back ordered Christmas gifts from Sean like these great cat socks and the best How I Met Your Mother pillowcase. We also fully moved our living room, back to the living room rather than the dining room which is where it's been for the last year and a half. We decided to combine the living and dining room and make the dining room (that we used as a living room) as a play room. Got it? I know, right? Confusing. Anyway, we got a new couch, rug and chair and the cats are loving all our new stuff!

Here's to hoping next week is a bit more eventful! 

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