Lady Liberty is crying.

The past week or so, has been an eye opening experience for me. Up here in my extremely liberal bubble, I never saw DjT winning this presidency. Never in a million years did I see this coming. And the atrocities this new administration has implemented have been baffling and frightening. I'm tired of looking at Facebook with my jaw dropped all like "wait, WHAT?!". So I decided to act. In the past week, I've done many things to fight this administration and I've decided that I'm going to start keeping a record on my blog. Activism is something I'm very new to but it's also something I'm passionate about. So I'm getting involved. Reading horror stories (otherwise known as the news) on Facebook isn't enough. 
Today Javi, Sean and I went into Boston to Protest Against the Muslim Ban and anti-immigration order set forth by DjT. These orders are against everything our country stands for. So cruel. So shameful. So embarrassing. Such a cowardly act by someone who doesn't understand it's full implications. If anything, it solidifies the notion -- terrorists already had, which is that our country is "at war with Islam". We can't sit by and watch this happen. I'm proud to say that we stood amongst (upwards of) 20,000 people, shoulder to shoulder, to show that this is not who we are and this not what America is about.

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  1. Sadly, he being elected wasn't a surprise to me. I think the one good thing that has come about with him being elected is that people are waking up. People are finally seeing things that many refused to see because it wasn't part of their lives.


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