My toddler.

Last week, the woman who runs the school Javi attends reached out to me to ask if we were interested in him moving up to the next level (from infants to toddlers). We were interested when he turned 15 months because that's when I thought he was automatically bumped up to the next room but they didn't have space for him in December. So I was really happy that they had room for him now. It means he spends his day with older children, doing crafts and playing kitchen and going outside for recess; he sleeps on a mat rather than in a crib and eats at a table in a chair rather than a highchair. BIG DEALS all around.

It also means that he brings different "gear" to school since he's a bit older. His new teacher gave me the rundown... no one uses bottles and everyone has a lunchbox and he needs snow gear for recess. So I quickly went out and bought sippy cups (why are there so many options?!) and he LOVES using them. It was a good thing he got a lunchbox for Christmas and he used that, too. He was styling on his first day!

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