Sick toddler.

Javi woke up sick on Monday and by the evening he had a fever of 103.7! That was a bit too high for our comfort so we made him an appointment at Urgent Care since it was past 5PM. We waited in line, checked in, paid the copay, waited in the waiting room and waited in the exam room... and came in contact with 5 different people all of whom asked me for his birthday -- only to be told by the doctor when she arrived that they couldn't treat him there since he was under 2. How annoying! So they sent us to the ER and we had to do the whole waiting game all over again. After lots of tears and screaming (I swear not by me!) he was diagnosed with Roseola and an ear infection. He's still feeling the same way and it's just terribly sad to watch him in pain! I really hope he starts to feel better ASAP.
Now it's all about keeping him comfy and hydrated and so much Mickey Mouse. :)

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