17 months.

I'm not sure when it happened -- but it did. My baby is totally a toddler. It wasn't obvious to me while it was happening but I see it now. I see it in the way he's learned to nod his head yes and shake his head no. I see it when he claps and waves and high fives and shakes hands like "nice to meet you". I see it in the way he gives hugs and blow kisses. I see it in his walk -- confident and brave. I see it in the way he rushes to unload the dishwasher when he hears the clanging of dishes. I see it in the way he sets himself up on the couch with his water and snacks to watch an episode of Mickey Mouse. I see it in the way he yells "lala-la" to demand Alexa turns on some music. I see it in the twinkle in his eye when he does something he knows he shouldn't. I see it in his body movements when he tries to sneak by us. His personality is growing every day and we're all learning how to guide our little 17 month old. 

He got his first "report card" a few weeks ago. It's weird to me for such a young child to get a report card but I was a bit excited to read about him in his school environment. It's scary to think that a report card for someone his age, or any age really, is a direct reflection on me (us) as a parent(s). Is he confident? Happy? Fearless? Does he play? Move to music? Does he know his name? Use utensils? His evaluation was generally positive. He's working on cooperative play and not needing to be held/picked-up so frequently. :) But overall, they tell us he spends a good portion of his day laughing, in the "home" and dress-up area and rearranging furniture -- which is does at home, too. He loves crafts and play-doh and a friend named Charlie.

His next doctor appointment is in March so I'll get a better idea of his weight and height then. But he's a better eater than he once was, he's sleeping about 12 hours a night and takes 2 hour naps during the day. His hair is getting long and we're trying to decide when to get his first haircut and when to take him to the dentist -- he has 7 teeth (I think). 

We celebrated his 17 month birthday by taking an impromptu trip to Maine. We got Javi his second pair of Adidas sneakers. :) And now he looks even bigger and taller and older!

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