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In the first year of his life, we didn't bathe Javi a lot each week. We read a lot about how natural oils are good and lots of chemicals are bad and our doctor felt that bath time twice a week was sufficient. I know a lot of people bathe their babies nightly, and it becomes a part of their nightly routine but that wasn't us. Now, he's older, goes to school more frequently and he's more active and definitely NEEDS a bath more often. But in the first year it wasn't a main event and this is all we had:
tub - I loved this tub! I wish that Javi still fit inside of it. It's lightweight and easy to move around. It fit right inside our kitchen sink. It comes with a plastic cup to help with rinsing. And it comes with a safety feature that tells you if the water is too hot or too cold. I highly recommend it!

bath toys - We had these toys but these weren't the ones that Javi enjoyed playing with the most. He loved these little musical instruments rubber bath toys and I can't find the link for them. Really he enjoyed anything he could hold in the bath but once he started to splash the water he didn't need toys anymore. Bath toys kind of gross me out because they ALWAYS have little holes in them and I just wonder if mold is growing. YUCK!

wash cloths - I liked these little wash cloths and they are really soft. I don't use them anymore because I just use my hands but when he was teeny tiny and I was still afraid to touch him (ha!), these wash cloths made me feel a bit more confident. Also they were good to gently scrub the top of his head because he had (actually still has) cradle cap.

body wash - I know this isn't all natural/organic stuff but honestly I tried all that and didn't like it. I LOVE the smell of this body wash. I've gotten it in his eyes (by accident!!) and he didn't even flinch. So, I'm sticking to it!

body lotion - I love the smell of this lotion, too. Javi doesn't like it though and I need to be super fast when trying to apply it. For that reason, I highly recommend getting the bottle with the squirt top and not one you need 2 hands to maneuver.

towel - We had this towel in the beginning and it's adorable. He grew out of it really fast and then we just started using our regular towels. Honestly, it never dried his whole body (even when he was 7lbs) so I always needed to use a big towel, too. I think next time I would just buy really soft, large (like for adults) towels. He loves being squished in a big towel!

nail clippers - In the beginning, right after a bath we would give him a bottle and after being in the water his nails would be a lot easier to trim -- especially when he was preoccupied. We had very similar clippers and I still use them.

brush - I don't use the comb, maybe I would if he had long hair but he barely has any at all. The brush is so soft and he loves brushing his own hair. It's nice and child-sized.

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