I have a weakness for books -- children's books specifically. Books that I've read or like and liked to collect I can easily buy, read and donate without putting much thought into it. I've pared down our books quite a bit during our last few moves. Something about carrying around those heavy boxes filled with books we've already read didn't interest me. But I also feel that children will read more if they watch their parents read and if they are surrounded by books. You can't read books you don't have access to -- know what I mean? When I was pregnant my classroom gave me a book baby shower and every child gave me a book for Javi. The baby shower my mom and aunt threw for me was a "book" shower. I used to sell for Barefoot Books and have kept my previous inventory for Javi. Plus any time anyone offers me used books I accept. So Javi is fortunate to have many books. A few months ago we finally got around to organizing all our books -- from board books to Euclid's Elements and everything in between in our Ikea 5x5 expedit shelf. 
Since the first 3 shelves are all for Javi's books we come in this room once in a while to take a few books and move them to a basket in his playroom. I try to switch out books based on seasons or holidays so right now we are reading books about love and valentines day!
Javi loves books and usually greets our house guests with a book in hand... for them to read to him! He reads books over and over again and doesn't get tired of hearing the same story or looking at the same pictures. Right now we're working on treating books with care since he likes to bend the pages. :)

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