Javi got sent home from school today with a fever. The other day someone asked me how he was feeling (he was sick for what seemed like all of January) and I said "he's really good-- finally healthy!" -- so it looks like I jinxed him.
Is it terrible the only movie, nominated for an Oscar, that I actually saw was Zootopia? Uh... I'm an adult, I swear. My goal, before Sunday, is to watch Manchester by the Sea. If I have enough time, I'd also like to watch Fences and Hidden Figures.

The weather this week, but specifically today, has been in the 60s. The 60s! It's the weirdest thing. I still wore my down coat because I was afraid the temperature would suddenly drop. I do not like to be cold.

On Monday we took an impromptu trip to Maine. By "impromptu trip", I mean I said the idea out loud and then approximately 1 hour later,  after packing 2 bags, adding food for days and 2 strollers in the car, we departed. Gone are the days where we just get up and go.
I'm like 3 episodes behind in This Is Us. It's a terrible thing because I keep seeing spoilers online and all these Buzzfeed articles about the show and fan theories. Watching shows on live TV is stressful. It feels like you have to avoid social media so you don't find out any plot lines.

2 weeks from today we leave for California! I'm equally excited and anxious for this trip since I imagine traveling on a plane with a 17-month old is a struggle. I will spend the next 2 weeks figuring out how to successfully travel with our little guy. And getting really excited for Disneyland. Because... it's Disneyland.


  1. Hope he feels better! It has been so warm here too. Today's high is 73 degrees. What in the world? I'm still wearing winter clothes because I can't trust spring/summer weather in the winter.

    I'm two episodes behind This is Us and I've been avoiding anything that could possibly mention it. I'm catching up this weekend!

    I really want to see Hidden Figures too.

    You'll have the best time in California!

    1. Thanks! I think I fixed my email, too :)

      I just watched Milo (From This Is Us) on Jimmy Fallon so now my goal is to catch up. It's sooo good!

  2. P.S. I want to respond to your comment about the rental properties but you're listed as a no-reply commenter.


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