Saturday mornings.

I used to wake up on Saturday mornings and do a lot of nothing, for most of the day. :) Javi is a good sleeper and sometimes sleeps until past 8AM on Saturdays but as soon as he is up -- he's on a roll! I always try to convince him to jump in our bed and say good morning to Sean but he must associate our bed with sleeping (even though he never sleeps in it) because the minute I suggest to him that he get on our bed, he cries. So I quickly redirect him and we move downstairs to his bottle of milk. We've created a bit of a remote-control-monster and he now knows to find it and point it at the tv. He still can't turn it on so that typically ends with frustration. We watch Mickey Mouse on Disney junior until he finishes his bottle and then we move to the playroom for a good portion on the morning.

For his birthday, he got a pack of Mega Blocks. I never put them out because he had a really small pack of lego/duplo type blocks, I think just 8 came in a pack, and he couldn't quite figure them out. So when he got another pack of Mega Blocks for Christmas I was a bit nervous. I did decide to put them out a few weeks ago and to my surprise he's actually pretty good at building towers. So now, Saturday mornings are filled with tower building... and running around and reading and laughing and "cooking" and "taste testing" and singing and chasing cats and looking at the window and actually going outside!
It's a little bit louder around here on Saturday mornings but it's really fun. :)

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