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It's been a while since I've done one of these posts so I feel like it's time! It's no secret I'm a huge TV watcher, in fact -- if I could do anything on a Friday night -- it would be watch TV! I don't have the same amount of free time as I used to have (pre-Javi) but we try to get in at least a show each night. If Sean had his choice, we would never watch a channel other than The Food Network. But I do my best to squeeze in dramas and comedies! This is our current list:
The Mick started a few weeks ago and we're loving it. We're huge fans of It's Always Sunny so it's an easy switch-over because Kaitlin Olson's character has similar traits in both shows. So funny! American Housewife is hilarious. She sort of says everything aloud you WISH you could say -- but don't. Timeless is fascinating to me because I'm a fan of time travel shows and the girl in it is "Blah Blah" from How I Met Your Mother. Anyone pick up on that?! This Is Us has filled my Parenthood void and it makes me laugh and cry and just hits on all the points. Sean is not a fan though. The Path, is on Hulu and we LOVED the first season. I LOVE Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, anyone?!) -- I'll admit that I'm waiting to watch season 2 until all the episodes are available because I like to binge-watch thrillers like this. The Man In The High Castle (on Amazon Prime) is a scary alternative reality about how the U.S. would be had the Nazi's won WWII. I'm only a few episodes in and I'll admit I don't know that much about WWII or the Nazi (just basic stuff that they teach you in American History in high school)... but I just can't believe it! I struggle to even say it's entertaining because the concepts are so awful -- but I think it's a must watch! Scandal and How to get away with Murder are my weekly shows that I can't wait to watch. I get together with a friend to watch every week and our reactions are always like "wait... WHAT?!" -- and The OA is Sean's pick but I'm intrigued! I'm a few episodes in (he's already watched but wants me to catch up) so I'm sure we'll finish it soon. 

But I cannot wait for Bates Motel and Pretty Little Liars to return. Those are two of my favorites!

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  1. This Is Us has completed filled my Parenthood void too! Obsessed with The QA, Scandal and How to get away with Murder. Such good shows! I watch Pretty Little Liars too but I think it's because I've been watching since the first season and feel like I kinda have to keep up now, lol.


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