5 on Friday.

1. Our washing machine broke. Apparently, you can't put a quilt along with a full load of laundry and expect things to turn out all right. I guess I know what we're doing this weekend -- waiting for a washing machine to be delivered.

2. The other night I walked into the kitchen to find Javi  crawling inside the snack cabinet. My first, quick response was to say "na-na-na-na-na-na-no" and shake my hands. Now when we talk to him he responds with "na-na-na-na-na-na-no" and shakes his hands.

3. I thought I was brave enough to take my classroom out on a hike on the 19 acres of land the school owns. It was an unusually nice February day so I dressed for the occasion. Upon returning I found 3 ticks on myself -- 2 made it under 3 layers of clothing and were on my tank top. My washing machine is broken so I couldn't even wash my clothes. Next time, I'm wearing this.

4. I have to post a funny video on instagram (but even facebook even though FB really downgrades video quality) of Javi learning to take off his jacket. He spins around like a puppy trying to take his arms out of his sleeves. :)

5. The temps have fallen back to single digits (ok, maybe teens) but I was really get used to the 60-70 degree days we were having. I guess my new shoes will have to wait for CA. I bought them in both colors.

Have a nice weekend! :)

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