California... still

Yesterday we drove to Orange County from San Diego to stay with my cousins. Originally we were planning to spend 2 nights here and drive back to San Diego to fly home. Since the snow is coming, I moved up our flight a day. But we were notified this afternoon, that actually all flights are cancelled and the first flight we can get to go back to Boston is Thursday night. So it appears we are "stuck" in California for longer than expected. It's not a terrible place to be "stuck". For example, we could be stuck in the Nor'Easter back home right now...

It's safe to say that Javi is absolutely loving all his cousins. It's the first time we've spent a lot of time with other children -- other than just a birthday party or an afternoon. He's obsessed (which makes sense, because I was obsessed with my cousins when I was little). It took him no time to warm up, is thoroughly enjoying the beautiful, no shoes needed weather, and just invites himself inside and outside, in the sandbox, on the grass, on the scooters -- anything and everything, he's a part of. I'm sort of shocked but love that he's comfortable and happy especially since we will be here for a bit longer. :)

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