Children's books, part 1.

There are definitely different views on what makes a good children's book. Lots of people in the Montessori world, don't give young children books that are not reality-based books because young children cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. So -- talking animals, for example, are not age-appropriate so some believe books that encourage or promote talking animals or story lines that wouldn't and couldn't happen shouldn't be given to young children. However, I feel like there is something to be said for developing a child's imagination through books. I like the bright colors, funny stories, talking animals and creative illustrations. So while I try to have a mix of books for Javi, I don't restrict book selections at all. (Though when they get misused or ruined I'm quicker to get rid of the books that don't quality as "good" children's books.)
We've recently added some new books to Javi's library. Typically, we get hand-me-down books. They are super used and well loved and we've been given them by generous people whose children have already read them a million times over. So the books that I'm talking about today are special because we bought these for Javi brand new. 
Corduroy - This book is a bit too long for Javi right now. There are too many words on each page so by page 4, he starts turning the pages himself to hurry you along. 
Hello World, Solar System - I love this book. It's so bright and colorful. Javi loves it too and it's one that we look at again and again and again.
Please Mr. Panda - I didn't get this the first few times I read it! I finished it the first time and I was all "wait, what?". But after reading it a few more times, I understood it and it does have a cute message about manners/politeness. The illustrations are wonderful and now that I know what the point is, I like it more. 
Small, smaller, smallest - This one is definitely Javi's favorite new pick. He loves the pull-up, pull-down and pull-out tabs and I'm actually surprised the book isn't ruined yet because he's not the most gentle.
Don't push the button - This one is cute. I personally like it because Sean picked it out for Javi and I think that's sweet. I'm not always sure that Javi understands what I'm saying to him but every time I read the words "don't push the button" -- he pushes the button on the page. :) 

Soon I'll share my favorite "reality-based" children's books. 

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