Happy Birthday to my better half!

Yesterday was a super special day :) Sean turned 31! Look at the little guy circa maybe 1989 (before T. Swift made that year cool)! Does Javi look like him? I think so. This celebratory blog post is a day late because that's what happens when Javi doesn't sleep (ah!)... things get delayed (since I do most of my blogging the night before). BUT! We still got a chance to celebrate! My mom watched Javi for us and we went to dinner and to the movies last night -- we saw Beauty and the Beast. (I liked it because I love Disney but I'm not totally sold on it).
We've come a long way from all-day birthday celebrations and parties with friends but it was really nice to be out just the two of us. It's always nice to eat a meal when it's still hot :) (though we missed Javi, of course). I did get Sean a few gifts like this and this but his major gift is coming Monday -- and I'm really excited about it! I can't believe we're fully in our 30s now! It seems like just yesterday we were in middle school! I definitely took a trip down memory lane when I brought out all the old hard drives to dig out some of these gems. :)
This is the 9th birthday we're celebrating together and I think they're so special. I'm so happy to be doing this whole life thing with Sean and I can't wait to see what many more birthdays bring. 

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