Happy March! + a Spring Wishlist for Men!

On Tuesday night, Sean and I went out to dinner near Boston and listened to his brother's band play (they were the evening's entertainment!). It was a lot of fun but this morning (as someone who wakes up at 4:30AM) as someone who rarely, IF EVER, goes out on a Tuesday night -- I am tired! But today is also the start of a new month. A month that brings school vacation (!) and the season of spring (!) and Sean's birthday! I've posted a lot about favorite items for myself and kids and toddlers and babies so I don't want to leave out Sean. Some of these items (affiliate links) are on his wish list (we have ongoing lists in our amazon account which makes it super easy to buy each other presents) and some items (affiliate links) are things I know he would love and I would love to gift him. Who knows?! Maybe some of these will appear at our house on March 23rd!

sperry top-sider men's boat shoes - He loves boat shoes! I have 2 pairs of Sperrys and, no lie, I think they are the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoes I own -- and I have a lot of shoes. But Sean says they're comfy and he wants more. By how popular they are -- I'm thinking my feelings about them are the minority.

orange amplifier - He's always played music and has always wanted one of these little orange amps. I have to admit I love the brightness of it. It definitely sparks more interest than the typical black musical equipment.

hammock - I don't like to be outside but this is on his list and I have to say that this hammock may change my mind! I wouldn't mind relaxing on this.

zeroUV matte finish sunglasses - We both love this brand of sunglasses. They are inexpensive and MINE last forever. A little toddler seems to always grab Sean's glasses and his always break -- so he's typically in the market for new shades. I can't recommend these enough!

shorts - I usually buy him some clothes for his birthday -- being at the start of spring and all. These ones look so nice!

rainbow sandals - Since I was 12, my favorite sandals have been my rainbows and I've been trying to convince Sean he needs a pair. He hasn't gone for it yet but I may just buy him some and convince him to try them out. Perfect for nice weather and upcoming vacations!

genuine leather money clip - I got this for Sean 2 years ago and he LOVES it. He needs a new one though -- how do wallets get worn so quickly? 

keysmart extender key holder - Every time I use Sean's keys (we share a car, so it's often) I complain about how many keys he has! I think this would organize the mess.

nike men's free rn - This is the year, I've already exclaimed, that we run. For Christmas I got all my gear in place and now it's time to make sure Sean has everything so we can run together. I'm pretty dependent and like when he gets involved in my hobbies. :)

a cook's tour: global adventures in extreme cuisines - A while back I told you how our TV never changes channels from cooking shows -- well I lied, he also watches travel shows and LOVES Anthony Bourdain (not my favorite at all -- but his birthday isn't about me!). I think this book is perfect for the foodie/traveler. 

overnight bag - This bag is so nice! I love the Herschel brand and we have some weekend trips we are planning -- so who knows? Maybe this bag is perfect for them!

I have some other ideas in the works so who knows what I'll decide on -- birthdays are just so special and exciting!

Happy March!

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