International Women's Day

Today marks International Women's Day or a day without a woman. Last night, I said to Sean "tomorrow, I'm not supposed to participate in the day... it's a day without women" and Sean looked at me and sort of laughed. But really... what does today mean? I'm confused.

I can't just not go to work -- I could call out but doesn't that not count? Isn't that taking the spark of the day away? You can take the day off, but then you're down a personal day. I could just not go and then what? Get fired? Why do something today you'll have to deal with tomorrow? I can't just not take care of Javi -- I could, but where is the line between taking "a stand" for myself and being a neglectful mother? I can't imagine just going on strike from him -- sorry buddy, I can't make you lunch I'm fighting the system. I can't just not help at home because how is that fair to Sean? We split our tasks -- we each do things we're strong at or enjoy doing and we meet in the middle. Our house runs because we both run it. Besides, what doesn't get done today -- will just need to get done tomorrow... right?

I think today is well-intentioned but I also think it's geared for women to participate who are economically privileged. Women who don't earn an hourly wage. Women who don't need to work. Women whose jobs don't mind if they don't show up. Women who don't care if they get fired because they know they could easily find something else. Women who have help with childcare or household chores. Where is the equity in that? 

I'd prefer a day like "appreciating women for all that they do especially when the men around them get most of the credit for half of the work". I'd prefer a day where I do everything that I do and people were around me to cheer me on and tell me how much I accomplish... tell me I'm a great mother and a wonderful teacher. Be amazed that I wake up at 4:25 every morning to go to work, an hour's drive away. Work a 10 hour day and come home to a 17 month old with an ear infection. Get the laundry done and the dishes done and pack bags for the next day while playing with him and reading stories and giving my husband attention at the same time. Be amazed that I can still blog, and catch up on my shows and give my 3 cats ear scratches, clean up the house, drink a glass of water and be in bed for 10PM all because I have to wake up and do it again tomorrow. I don't want a day with women. I want a day where women's jobs & lives (inside and outside of the home) are celebrated, thanked and acknowledged. 

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