March product round-up.

In an effort to only bring objects into the house that bring me joy -- I'm in the middle of my Konmari journey, I've been really intentional about what I buy. I will also admit that I'm getting into the habit of returning items that were not good decisions -- like clothing that doesn't fit or things that just don't work for us. I thought it would be fun to share the things that we bought and kept.

denim leggings - I LOVE these leggings. They quickly became my favorite pair of pants. This month I bought them in black but I'm going to buy them in dark blue too because I love them that much.

nike sneakers - These are my new favorite sneakers! They are so comfortable and I'm actually looking forward to running (I start TOMORROW, April 1st! UNLESS we get another snow storm because REALLY?!).

ruffle blouse - I love everything by Lauren Conrad. Like EVERYTHING. This shirt is so cute and is still on sale!

lace-up tassel sandals - I can't wait for the snow to go away so I can wear these sandals. How cute are they?!

taco night // pasta night // pizza night - Sean got lots of recipe books for his birthday! I'm excited to try said recipes because I may be a picky-eater but I LOVE tacos, pizza and pasta!

dad tee shirt - "Javi" got this shirt for Sean for his birthday. He's already worn it so it's definitely a hit!

the sixth extinction - I'm really interested in reading this book but haven't started it yet. Has anyone read it?!

hammock - We're both excited about this birthday gift! Now if only spring would arrive so we could set it up in the yard.

strong like mom tee shirt - Javi made out this month because we travelled to warmer weather and he didn't have any clothes in his current size. BUT, this shirt is by far my favorite shirt. When he grows out of it I'm going to buy him the next size up.

kid headphones - He didn't use them on the plane but the interest is there and they'll grow with him. So I think eventually he will use them so they stayed!

mickey magnet fun - This was the best thing I bought for our travels. He used it the most out of everything else and never wanted to put it away. BUT! The pieces are small (it says 3 and up) and he started putting them in his mouth. So, I started taking it away after that.

swimmy shorts - I just can't even! We didn't do any swimming while we were away but I bought this to fit all summer long.

blooming basket cookie kit - I love Foodstirs so much! Here's a video of me and Javi making their celebration kit cupcakes a few months back. I'm so excited to make these cute little cookies. That's our project for this weekend. I'm not sure they'll totally look like this because Javi is quite the helper.

Last night I talked to Sean about a no-spend April -- he shut down that idea pretty quickly by saying well that just doesn't sound like any fun at all. But I'm so intrigued!

Have you ever participated in a NO-SPEND month?!

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