Montessori activities: Spring/Easter theme

In preparation for April and spring (even though we're still very much in the thick of winter here in New England) I wanted to share some Montessori practical life inspiration for the warmer months. With Spring, Easter, April, new life (butterflies, bumblebees, bunnies, etc.) on my mind (because I'm desperately trying to ignore the 6 inches of snow we're supposed to get tomorrow) I switched out my classroom's practical life shelves. It's always so exciting to put out new works and I love the spring colors and all the pastels. Here's what I've included:

A few extras (folding, sewing, pounding, and a multi-step work including soap grating/whisking/floating ducks -- all previously introduced skills now just together):
In the next few days, I'll also be switching out the math and science areas for more spring-themed activities. Stay tuned!

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