Plane activities for a 17 month old.

We leave for our trip this week! I am so excited but also a bit nervous about traveling on a plane with Javi. It's a nonstop flight from Boston to San Diego which is about 6 hours (give or take some wind). He'll be a lap baby and we are hoping for an empty row so that we have a bit more space. He was a lap infant last summer on our way to Seattle and again to Puerto Rico and it was tight! He's a lot bigger now and I'm just hoping for the best. I've started collecting some things for the adventure; some new and some old favorites. I'll bring some favorite books, a few small favorite toys, lots of snacks and a stocked diaper bag but I wanted to share some of his new activities -- most will still be a surprise to him when we board the plane!
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I got him some triangle crayons since I read they are best because they don't roll off the tray table! I also got him a little blank book to color in. 
I'm most excited about this Fisher Price Clip-On Doodle Pro. Do you remember these? He did get a peek at this and his interests were definitely sparked. So I know he's going to enjoy this and I like that it's a "contained" activity and no parts can roll away or get lost. 
I'll admit, play-doh doesn't seem like the neatest plane activity but Javi loves it and it keeps him occupied so it's joining us on our adventure!
Who doesn't love a slinky? I think this will fascinate him and I'm sure it'll break within a few minutes. But that's okay -- I'll just bring out something else!
Javi will love this Star Kid Play N Go Travel Tray. It has a bunch of different fine motor related activities like a zipper, buttons, clips -- it has a mirror, too. It even has straps to attach right onto the tray table. I think we'll get a good amount of use out of it. 
I've heard when all else fails bring out the electronics. I don't want to force any neighbors to repeatedly listen to the Hot Dog Dance song so we're bringing these headphones. He's tried them on twice and he's into them so hopefully they work out on the flight!
I love busy books and these ones from Target are great. I got them two months ago in anticipation of this trip but there are similar ones here. He hasn't seen them yet and I know he's going to love all the small pieces.
He's going to love this Mickey magnetic fun box. He's already seen it and I had to pry it out of his hands so it's going to be a hit. Who doesn't love magnets?

I plan to add some last minute things like stickers and window clings and his favorite lovey -- we'll use whatever objects we have as entertainment (water bottles, hats, my phone, etc.) and we'll just hope for no delays and a smooth flight. :)

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