Santa Monica, California.

On Tuesday, we got the idea in our heads to make the drive to Santa Monica -- for the sights and lunch on the pier. Unfortunately, we didn't think to go until after 9AM so we were in major traffic both on the way there and the way back! Javi is not a fan of California traffic but he was totally ready to move to the beach. He thought the sandbox at my cousin's house was amazing and then he saw the beach -- basically, a giant sandbox and he couldn't believe it! We were feeling guilty about not getting him a souvenir at Disneyland the day before so we got him a little keychain that says his name for his school backpack. :) I think the smile on his face tells a lot about how he felt about Santa Monica (it's also one of my favorite places, too!).

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  1. I love that you can just drive to Santa Monica! I wish!!


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