Spring looks at Hanna Andersson!

In a few days we leave for our San Diego trip so tomorrow we're trekking over to the mall to get some last minute things. It's always fun to go from a very cold climate (it's 0 degrees today) to a warm climate (Alexa says it's in the 70s and sunny in San Diego!). Javi grows like a weed so his spring/summer clothes from last year no longer fit. I don't want a sweaty/unhappy toddler on my hands -- so we need to get him some spring attire + plus some things that I just love (like moccasins)! Hanna Andersson clothes are irresistible. I LOVE the Star Wars pajamas he wore at Christmas (similar here)! So I'm adding some more high-quality clothes into his wardrobe. Here's what I'm loving (perk! a lot of these items are on sale through tomorrow)!

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Sean and Javi will be spending a lot of time outside (I'll be working) but they plan to do the zoo and tour ships and playgrounds and the pool! So lots of different clothing will be necessary. We're also going to Disneyland so all their Mickey gear & Disney gear is a must. We leave soon so there's no time to order online. Luckily for us the store is close. If you're not on a time crunch (like you plan ahead...) you should check out their looks here


  1. His little play kitchen is so cute. And that wardrobe would make me so happy with my little man! <3<3 Have a wonderful trip!!!

    1. Thank you so much! His play kitchen is one of his favorite toys and since it is so cute I don't mind that it's right in the real kitchen :)


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