Weekend behind + the week ahead.

- This is seeming like the winter that never ends! We still have snow and more flurries in the future but I decided it was time to bundle up Javi and play in the yard. He lasted 20 minutes and then was over it. Truth be told, I was over it once I snapped the pictures of him in the snow.

- Javi has become obsessed with brushing his teeth! [and he finally has enough hair for a mohawk!] -- but the teeth! I have been trying to brush his teeth for a while and he never seemed interested, in fact, he down right hated it. But then he saw his big cousin in California brush his teeth and developed quite the interest in the task. It's so cute!

- Sean's final birthday gift arrived today! I can't wait for the good weather to come so we can start thinking about our yard. We really want to spend a lot of time outside this summer and I think the key is having things to look at (like a garden), comfortable places to sit and activities for Javi to do.

- We had an unfortunate incident regarding one of the cats and a mouse in the house. Sean thinks it was a mole but I'm all like... does it really matter? Either way there was a mouse/mole in our house and one of the cats, who sleeps on me and licks my face, killed it. The question is did they kill it where I found it [my bedroom] or did they kill it elsewhere and bring it to my bedroom as some type of present. Ugh. 

- We finished iZombie this weekend (highly recommend!!). We're also catching up on Bates Motel and The Path and I'm totally obsessed! Annnnd, I'm behind on This Is Us (just 2 episodes) and on Scandal. I just love TV. :)

- The first day back at work was smooth and quick and amazingly within just a few minutes I had forgotten I was just on vacation for 2 weeks! Funny how that happens. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week -- though, it's a busy one so I also can't wait for the weekend! :)

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