Boston Science March.

On Saturday we joined thousands of others on the Boston Common for the Science March. The organizers planned it for Earth Day and there were so many people who came out to celebrate science and to support funding sciences, and to fight new (and existing) policies that make it impossible for scientists to research and share their findings. There were speakers and events for children and despite the rain -- we had a fun time! Javi always enjoys being in a crowd and I'm very glad that he's participated in 2 rallies in his little life. I'm sure there will be many more in the future. 
Funny story about Javi's jacket: I was so sure he'd be in 24 month clothes this winter because of the rate he had been growing. So I ordered this (similar) jacket and matching snow pants. But it's so big on him and he could never wear it. Since it's the end of the season, but Saturday was so cold,  I decided he WAS GOING to wear it at least once even though the sleeves were super long and he was so stiff and couldn't move! I know that it'll be too small for him next season. 

We didn't bring a sign. With a toddler already to carry it just seemed like one more thing to keep track of (and a waste of paper no less) so it seemed unnecessary. Here's a good list of some of the best signs from all the marches around the country but one of my favorites (which I didn't get a good picture of) said something like "Don't believe in science? Stop taking your antibiotics next time you get strep. See what happens." ha. :)

After the rally, we had drinks and appetizers with Sean's brother, Jamie and his girlfriend Frida here

It was a really good day and the amount of people who showed up to support science was an impressive relief. 

Did you go to a march this weekend?

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