First ice cream cone.

On Monday we took Javi to get an ice cream cone! It was his first one and as expected it was a total melty, sticky mess. But he loved it (not only his but mine too -- my favorite is mint chocolate chip!). It was such a nice day and just seemed like the perfect time to sit outside and have a treat.
While we were sitting there with ice cream dripping down our arms as Javi was getting brain freezes (and ultimately just started using his fingers as a spoon) -- Sean and I started talking about the different ways we grew up. I asked if going out for ice cream -- like we were -- would have been a special treat, something he did with his family frequently, or something he could have asked for and gotten. Our answers were very different :) -- but I grew up with the ability to ask for something and typically I got it, whether it was a trip to get ice cream or some thing I wanted. Maybe it's because I'm
an only child!

It's interesting that after so many years together these conversations we've never had come up -- because of Javi. It's hard to find the right parenting balance between what we both experienced as kids and being able to mix in our own personal styles as well. I'd like to be the type of family that is always up for ice cream together. Any day of the week. Any time of year. Always.

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  1. Agreed! It's funny because when we bought our first house in 2010 there was an amazing mom & pop ice cream shop down the street and we would always say that we couldn't wait to bring our future children there to enjoy as well.

    We no longer live there (not even in the same state) and circumstances have changed but it's still a conversation that I enjoyed having. In my opinion, ice cream is important any time of year! :)


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