Happy Easter weekend!

We've had such a fun couple of days and a perfect holiday! I hope you and your family had a peaceful weekend, too.

It all started on Thursday night when we baked some cookies from Foodstirs! Not exactly like the photo but pretty close and so delicious! On Saturday morning, we took Javi to the Easter bunny - he was not a fan and truth be told it's the scariest bunny I've ever seen.
After meeting the Easter bunny, or clutching to us making sure we weren't leaving him with the Easter bunny -- we took Javi to the marathon start line. The Boston Marathon is tomorrow (Monday) and we're fortunate to live close to the beginning. Every year we visit the weekend before to take some pictures and they have lots of fun things to do and good food to eat. 
As we were trying to take photos from the sidewalk the police officer standing nearby asked us if we wanted a picture of "the baby" on the start line. I nodded yes and next thing I knew we were summoned into the middle of street and the officer stopped traffic going in all directions so Javi could stand on the paint. 
After lunch we passed the playground and couldn't believe there was no one there! The weather hasn't been all that great so it's been a long time since I've taken Javi to a playground. I was amazed that he knows how to use everything!
Once home, I left to get a pedicure -- such fun (!) but not before Javi bit my arm. How do you stop biters?! It's the third time and it's 3 times too many! I need help! After my pedicure, Sean and I went out to dinner together (I was still pretty bummed about my little piranha) and then (of course) Javi decided to wake up the night before Easter (clearly we didn't have anything to do like fill and hide easter eggs) and he was up for way too long in the middle of the night. Why is it that he wakes up during busy times? Holidays... trips... you name it. 
On Easter morning, Javi slept in (since he was up in the middle of the night) so I got up at 8 and quickly filled eggs and tossed them into the yard. He was so excited to open his basket in the morning and the bubbles and sidewalk chalk were definitely hits. 
After looking through his basket and eating breakfast together we showered and then headed out into the backyard for his hunt! This one went a lot better than the town egg hunt last weekend because he knew to put his eggs in his bucket.
Our Easter afternoon was a whirlwind of grandparents and other family members, more gift baskets and lots of food! We're so lucky to live so close to so many family members and Javi has so much fun getting all the attention!
Happy Easter!


  1. What a fun weekend! I love that the police officer did that, so awesome :)

    And yes, that bunny looks scary, haha. Like what is with its eyes!

  2. Great weekend. Love all the pics. xoxo


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