Our weekend.

This weekend consisted of:
- GOING OUT TO DINNER: Usually on Friday nights we're so exhausted (and never want to do anything to mess up Javi's 7PM bedtime) that we order in but we decided to go out! It was a lot of fun and Javi missed bedtime by 20 minutes (not too bad) and slept in until 8:30 on Saturday morning. (so many smiles here)

- EASTER EGG HUNT: On Saturday morning/afternoon our town held an easter egg hunt for children ages 1-8. Javi didn't really get the whole egg hunt thing so he ended up giving all his eggs away to other children. He finally ended up with 4 eggs (because other children gave them to him). Unfortunately for us, the timing of the hunt messed up nap time (I curse whoever thought a 1PM egg hunt for toddlers was a good idea) so he didn't nap. 
// leather jacket (on clearance!) //
- PHOTO SHOOT: This is our town "beach" and I say that very loosely because I could never bring myself to swim there -- but Sean says it's fine! Javi has no fear of the water and just walked right in! It made for cute pictures. :)
- BUILDING A GARDEN: We've finally committed to doing something with our yard. I've been pinterest-ing layouts and gardens and have so many ideas. But we're starting with leveling some areas and getting rid of huge rocks that shouldn't be in the space. I would love to put a patio down and paint the concrete foundation of the house... and add some mulch and flowers and paint the deck and the list goes on. But we're starting with a raised-garden bed. We tried to buy vegetables but apparently we're way too early! 

We're almost caught up with The Path. It's so good and I don't want it to end. Are you watching it?!

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