The Boston Marathon

On Monday, we were spectators at the start line of the Boston Marathon! I always want to go every year and at the last minute Sean talks me out of it :)  But not this year! We went with his mom who grew up in Hopkinton (near the start line) and it was surprisingly easy (& so quick) to get there and get home.
After we parked our car we took a school bus to the festivities! It was quick and so much fun -- though I was annoyed I had to move all my stuff over to a provided-clear ziploc bag. I guess when they say NO BAGS allowed, they are serious! Javi enjoyed looking at everyone and desperately wanted to pet the K9s (he didn't quite understand that they were working). He also thought the clapping was for him and loved the whole cheering-thing. Totally for this guy!
Seeing all those runners and hearing their inspirational stories really make me want to join in -- but then I remember you really have to train and have the right mindset. I'm not there yet. Maybe one day!

You never know!

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