Toddler summer schedule

It finally happened! The weather has made a turn around and it's not winter anymore. I'm so excited about this. It seemed like it was a really long winter. Not because we got a lot of snow -- I don't think we did. It just was never ending! But now I'm fully in spring mode (allergies and all) and I can't wait to start planning our summer. 

One of the perks of teaching is being home in the summer, especially now with Javi. We've starting talking about vacations and we'll definitely be investing more time in chatting and planning for those but I've also put a lot of thought into Javi's schedule for the summer. In June, he'll be 21 months -- so right in the thick of his toddlerhood -- and we've chosen to keep him home this summer. Last year, it was a convenience (for me and my netflix-watching) to send Javi to school twice a week but this year we'd rather save money, keep him home and spend time together. But there's no reason to go rogue and not have a schedule! My Montessori heart likes schedules and I know children thrive on routine. Building off what he already does -- I've put together this!
I'm still working on what exactly "lessons with mama" will be and our outings aren't definite until we sign up (any day now)! But luckily nearby libraries offer an array of free weekly activities so I'm sure we'll do something very close, if not exact, to this schedule. Do you keep your little ones on a routine?

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