A week without blogging.

Last week, Sean was away. He flew to Austin with his brothers and road tripped to visit their dad in Florida. This left Javi and me, back home, alone for 8 days. I was fully prepared for all the spiders to come out of the wood work and for the smoke detectors to need new batteries and for something terrible to happen -- because isn't that always the way?! But luckily the most annoying part of the whole week was trash day - yuck. 

To say that it was a busy week would be an understatement. It was a lot of work! Between teaching and waking up Javi extra early to get him to school so I could get to work on time, and leaving work to make sure I got him in time, and dinner and packing lunches and bags and dishes and picking up toys and bath time --  I think I went to bed every night before 8:30. There was no time for anything blogging related -- or anything else. Let's just say it made me truly grateful of our little family and set-up and routine. And I'm so glad to have it back. Here are some pictures of the week: 


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