Our weekend.

We had a crazy and busy weekend! Friday afternoon Javi developed a 24-hour fever. I'm not sure what that was all about but we blamed teething, gave him some motrin and water and rallied through -- to Touch-a-truck! Have you been to a touch-a-truck event? When kids get to climb all over the trucks and listen to the sirens and all that good stuff? He wasn't totally into it this time (not as much as he was last summer) but he wasn't at 100% and he saw the playground so that pretty much beats everything else!
On Sunday, my parent's took us to the zoo! There's one very close to our house so it's a short drive and it was totally a beautiful day to watch some lions and tigers and giraffes. Giraffes are my favorite! Javi insisted on bringing Kion (from the Lion Guard) so that bright orange stuffed animal you see in almost every picture is that. I told him if it dropped in any of the cages we were NOT retrieving it and the goats in the petting zoo definitely tried to snatch him a few times! How are goats so strong, by the way?! They are sweet yet ferocious when you have their food pellets in hand.

I was so excited to try out my new backpack (affiliate link)! I got it last week and it's the perfect size for a day trip. The more and more practice I get with packing for a little one -- the more I realize that a bigger bag just means I pack more stuff. This bag is perfect for 1 outfit, a few diapers/wipes, lots of snacks, a water for both of us -- and it has the small pockets on the outside for hand sanitizer and boogie wipes with lots of the room to spare for my wallet and phone! Highly recommend!

How was your weekend?!

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