Six years.

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary! With Sean being away we aren't doing anything to celebrate (though we did sneak in a date night before he left!) but it also has me feeling very nostalgic. It's so fun to go back and look at photos and I think it's so important to document events like this. It makes me realize how far we've come, all of our accomplishments and milestones. Though we've been married 6 years, we've been together for ten! So... I entered down the windy road of google photos INCLUDING wedding photos (!) and decided to share some my favorites. There are a lot of favorites (ha!) --
To give a quick recap -- if I was going to tell a story about the collage above it would go something like: the time I acted like I could skateboard when I really didn't know how at all. The time we got fancy and went on a dinner train even though I didn't eat any of the food because it was too fancy for me. The time I wanted to be something pretty for Halloween but Sean ended up picking and it was the first time I bought and wore something from the Salvation Army. The time when we used to take photos with cameras! The time I got such a sunburn in Maine. The time we were invited to a "prom party" in our 20s. The first time we went to Seattle together. The time we got the first set of keys for our very first apartment. The time we went to a wedding together... for the first time. The time we got engaged. The time we left for our honeymoon. The time that ended up being my favorite NYE. The time we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The time we celebrated my birthday... still in my 20s. The time Sean made me try mac & cheese with pulled pork and it was amazing. The last time we attended a wedding before I got pregnant!

Since I clearly skipped a whole thing (like the wedding) in that recap -- here are some of my favorites from just that day -- 7.16.11:

A lot has changed in the years we've been together and it's amazing to think of the differences and what remains the same. I'm so excited for the future and to find out what is still in store for us. :)

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