Cape Cod.

Javi and I joined my aunt and cousin down the Cape for a week. We were so lucky with weather and it was such a nice week to be on vacation. Javi enjoyed the beach, daily shopping trips and of course, spending time with my cousin Lizzie, who he calls "Lillie!" He also thoroughly enjoyed the outdoor shower at the house we rented! 
Sean had been away with his dad in Florida and needed to get back to work so he wasn't able to come for the entire week. He did manage to sneak away from work for a few nights here and there. Luckily, the Cape is pretty close to where we live so it made it easier for him to join us. We ate out a lot, had ice cream nearly every day and even went mini-golfing!
One day we drove all the way to Provincetown -- it's all the way at the tip of Massachusetts -- and spent the day. It's a really popular location and it seems like everyone always has a dog with them! Javi thoroughly enjoyed shouting "a dog!" every. single. time. he saw a dog! I also got my first Cape Cod bracelet!
On one of the cooler evenings, we thought it would be fun to take a stroll on the beach. Apparently, toddlers don't know that means "we aren't going swimming"! -- because Javi jumped into the ocean -- fully clothed! And I didn't have a towel, a change of clothes or a diaper! So...
We also spent a day in Chatham -- one of my most favorite places in the Cape. Another one of my cousins joined us and Javi is OBSESSED, though totally wasn't a fan of having his photo taken that day. 
It was such a fun week and one that reminded me of my childhood since I spent time in the Cape every summer. I hope that Javi gets to experience similar vacations because they really were so fun!

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