Delray Beach, Florida.

We've been home from Florida for a little more than a week. Even though we didn't go down there for the best reason, Sean's dad is sick, we tried our best to squeeze in as much family time as possible in between doctor appointments and spending time with Sean's dad. We managed to explore a number of places. 
We attempted to go to the beach one morning. It was actually all that I talked about for 4 days -- and then when we got there, to my surprise NO ONE was there! I was amazed. I thought, for sure, that it would be packed. We carried all our stuff -- a beach blanket, sand toys, food and drinks, a diaper bag -- you know, all the stuff that is "unnecessary". Well, apparently, no one was on the beach because they're smart and know that it was way too freaking hot at the beach. Like... so... hot. I thought I was going to die and made us leave within 45 minutes.
We also spent an afternoon at Wakodohatchee Wetlands. It was a really cool place to walk around and Javi was obsessed with seeing all the birds and turtles and fish and we even saw an alligator! I was a bit scared of the alligators and it was really hot (that's sort of a theme when talking about our trip -- it was hot) but it was really nice and I highly recommend the walk!
 It was so hot that ice cream was a necessity! And ice water especially through a straw. :)
We ate out for nearly every meal. One of the best places we went was Rok Burger and I loved their fried pickles. Javi wasn't totally into being at a restaurant at the time but he pulled through.
The best place we ate at (3 times) was El Camino. Every time Sean gets back from Florida he talks about their tacos and I finally got to experience them. They are really amazing and since we've been back and have gotten tacos -- we've compared them to these ones. So good!
The absolute best outing we made was to Lion Country Safari. Javi is loving all things animals right now and they have a drive-thru safari park along with a whole list of other things we didn't have time to see but hopefully one day we'll get back. If we lived close by I imagine we'd spend a lot of time there!
Lion Country Safari from Jasmine Duffy on Vimeo.
As you can tell... lions are loved around here. 

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