Exciting news!

So... we've been holding onto a little secret! We're expecting a baby (due New Year's Eve!) and it's a baby girl!

We're so excited and it's been killing me not to blog about it. When I was pregnant with Javi I didn't blog often (though I revealed the news much earlier along) but it was more because it was all so new and I didn't want anything to go wrong. Of course, that's always a worry -- but this time was more because I've been busy, the doctors are watching the baby's heart for some concerns AND my work didn't know yet. Since my social media and blog are public I thought it would be weird to post here. 

I'll be 20 weeks on Saturday and I'm definitely starting to show so it was time to share the news on social media and here and I'm so looking forward to the rest of the pregnancy and being a mom to a little girl!
I've been feeling pretty good. I found out really early (on April 22) and so I feel like I really experienced all of the first trimester. Thankfully, just like with Javi, I didn't experience typical morning sickness symptoms however, I felt pretty terrible during the day, couldn't eat and just wanted to sleep away my constant headaches. Around 14 weeks, that stopped and I've been feeling good (other than being so tired). The second pregnancy is definitely different since you can't just nap whenever you feel like it with a toddler running around and screaming! :)

Javi's birthday is coming up which means he'll be about 28 months by the time baby arrives. As of now, he doesn't know what's about to happen to his little world but we've been talking about it and he likes to point to my belly (and his) and point out the "bebe". It was only on Tuesday, we found out it's a girl so now I'm going into major planning mode. :)

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