Kitchen face-lift.

We moved into our house in 2013 but it was built in the 50s. Most of the rooms still had a 50s look to them when we moved in. We've tried our best to update the house and do what we can to make it more our style but it all comes with a cost and a time commitment, of course!

The kitchen was one of the last rooms on the first floor to be touched (other than wall paint -- it was dark green when we moved in and we quickly painted the walls Moonshine by Benjamin Moore). We still have a long way to go... I'd love a new sink, a back splash, new appliances, new countertop, new window.... you get it -- pretty much I'd love a kitchen makeover. BUT... when you can't afford anything at all -- a gallon of paint for the cabinets goes a looooong way!
I was so excited when we got back from Florida to this lovely surprise from my mom and my aunt. They painted our cabinets for us while we were away! They used chalk paint -- white for the top cabinets and the bottoms are Duck Egg Blue. Plus they spray painted the knobs which makes them stand out a bit. Like I said, we still need to figure out the rest of the kitchen (especially those strips of wood on the countertop that I'm not a huge fan of) but it's such an improvement!

I'm so happy with how it turned out and it makes the space feel so bright and airy. Just what I hoped for!

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