Review: Cozy Phones.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Cozy Phones and they kindly offered to send Javi a pair of their kid headphones! They have so many styles to choose from -- a unicorn, an adorable fox, a smiley face, a cat, and tons more -- but I chose the green frog because Javi had just learned that frogs say "ribbit"!
To be honest, we don't have that many opportunities for Javi to wear headphones but I like to have them just in case. For our last flight I purchased a pair but they were a bit bulky and Javi didn't want to wear them at all. These cozy headphones are great because they are lightweight, super flexible and of course the cute design helps attract the little ones!

When we first received them, I excitedly put them on him and he was quick to take them off! The soft fleece is a bit warm for summer time but we do live in a location that is cool and/or cold half of the year -- so that shouldn't be a problem soon enough. Since that first time he's tried them on a few times but he's still pretty young so his headphone sessions don't last long. He gets a bit sidetracked! He's obsessed with hats and his helmet so I'm sure in no time he'll be loving these, too!

In a few weeks, we're embarking on a road trip and I'm hoping that with the AC in the car, these headphones will be perfect to use with a tablet so he can have a bit of screen time and we don't have to hear Mickey Mouse's voice. :) The soft, smooth fabric is perfect just in case he falls asleep in the car, too. (fingers crossed!).

Thanks so much to Cozy Phones for the generous gift. I'm excited for Javi to use these headphones on many occasions in the future.

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