I turned 31 today!
Last night, Sean and I celebrated by going out to dinner and to the movies. We saw It -- and I was so scared! I remembered most of the scenes so I knew exactly when to look away (!) but it was still scary. Today we did a lot of errands but we also had ice cream cake twice, I got to choose what to have for lunch (Outback) and we tried to take a family photo (it was only mildly successful).
Javi thoroughly enjoyed blowing out my candles (again and again and again). You might say he's practicing for his very own birthday celebration -- next Saturday (though his birthday isn't until the 20th). The lucky guy had ice cream three times on his mama's birthday. :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    You are brave. Sean asked me to see "It" and I said absolutely not. Way too scared, lol.


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