I'm Jasmine! I've been blogging about my life since 2009 when I got engaged. I wanted a way to document the wedding planning process and after our wedding I realized I loved blogging so much that I wanted to continue. I take breaks, periodically, but always seem to come back to it. Having a recap of my life is too good to pass up! Here's a little about me...

Sean (my husband) and I went to middle and high school together (gasp!) and we started dating in 2007, followed by an engagement in 2009 and a wedding in 2011. Here's more about all that jazz:

We moved apartments as often as we rescued cats (ha!) and we eventually bought a house in 2013 -- oh, and then we got one more cat because... why not! Our last major addition was the birth of our son Javier in September 2015. And our little family is complete -- as of now! 

Besides blogging, scrapbooking and otherwise trying to be crafty (even though I'm not very creative) I am a Montessori teacher. These few things, along with a husband, a baby, a house and three cats pretty much fill my days! I set goals (sometimes achieve them), I stick to budgets (until I need new clothes), I KonMari (hence why I need new clothes), and I watch a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (no screen time under 2... what??). I love social media, follow every Kardashian and eat Dairy Queen on the regular. I love politics, find religion hard to grasp and love yelling at "Alexa" to play music by the Lumineers. Oh, and I'm currently mourning the end of Obama's presidency -- like tears-daily-every-time-I-think-about-the-crazy-man-who-took-over.

So this little blog has become somewhat of a lifeline. If you're taking a similar journey with your blog -- let me know about it, I'd love to read it!


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